Supporting you to live well alongside a difficult diagnosis

Feel calmer and more in control

We help you ride the rollercoaster of emotions a difficult health diagnosis can bring. Our clinical experts provide easy,  evidence-based tools to support you at home, when you need it most.

All our content is designed for people managing long-term health conditions. We cover the topics that other mental health apps don’t, such as accepting a diagnosis, coping with waiting times, or caring for someone.

An image of the home screen of Smile App within an I-phone shaped handset.  The home screen shows the main menu options - Challenges, Feelings, Events, Blog, Therapists and Support Types

In the Smile App you will find:

A screen shot of a piece of content from Smile App.  An Audio piece on Culitvating Joy by Dr Sula Windgassen which is 8 minutes long

Bite Sized Content

Video, audio and written pieces tailored to the challenges and feelings you may have

A screen shot of a mood tracker from Smile App.  You can see a graph with a week to view and different smile icons on the left hand side, ranging from sad to happy.  There are moods logged for Wednesday and Thursday showing

Mood Tracking

Daily tracking with personalised content recommendations

A snippet of the Smile File Journal from the Smile App.  A questions asking 'What has made you Smile today?' can be seen with an answer box below in blue that suggests considering a significant event or a micro moment of joy

Guided Journal

Personal to you for capturing what is important to you

Picture shows the Events button from the Smile App.  It is a white background with small game pieces in the shapes of small people showing in various colours - red, yellow, green and blue.  Underneath is the word Events


Monthly community meetups and expert-led workshops for you to join online

A picture of the Blog button from the Smile App.  It shows an old fashioned black typewriter with a piece of paper within it it that has the word 'news' typed onto it.  Under the image is the word Blog


Written by people in our wider community with lived experience

Supported By

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A white speech bubble on a blue background.  Within the speech bubble reads the recommendation - 'Anxiety and my fear was really high due to my family's health conditions.  Smile's videos, tools and tailored support have really helped me keep it at bay.  Five yellow starts appear underneath the writing and then the name Jay Dhanjal

A white speach bubble sits on top of a lilac background.  The writing within the speach bubble reads 'I discovered strategies on a Smile webinar that ahve really helped me to get to sleep and stop scratching my eczema'.  Under the writing are five yellow starts and then the name Ruth Holroyd
A white speach bubble sits on top of a blue pale blue box.  the writing withint he speach bubble reads ' The Smile App is revolutionary.  If I had this in the early days of my challenges, I don't think my dark times would have been so dark'.  Five yellow stars sit beneath the text followed by the name Helen Eugene
A blurred image in the background of a lady with ginger hair and a blue dress.  You cannot see her face because she has her arms stretched forwards and is holding a white piece of paper with rough edges in from of it.  Written on the paper in black pen is the word Smile followed by an exclamation mark and a smiley face.

Not just another mental health app

Smile is the first UK mental health app tailored to the needs of people managing chronic physical health conditions. We know how hard it can be to come to terms with a difficult diagnosis, adapt to a new normal or ride the waves of uncertainty.

So we developed Smile to provide evidence based, expert led support that you can access at home, when you need it most.

Lived experience

We understand the emotional challenges of living with chronic physical  health conditions and have created Smile alongside people with lived experience. Our mission is to provide you with affordable, accessible mental health support that you can tailor to your needs. 

Read our Blogs

A very pale room in the background with the small edge of a white lampshade showing.  In the forefront of the image are an older lady and gentleman.  The gentleman has a dark green shirt with very small white dots on, he has short grey hair, large black eyebrows and is looking forwards with a smile on his face, showing the top row of his teeth.  He has his arms around the shoulders of a lady who has a sage green cardigan and black t shirt on.  She is holding his right hand which is on her right shoulder with her left land.  She also has greying hair which is tied back off her face and is looking forwards with a large smile on her face.
The background to this image is a a medical room of some sort.  There is a blurred poster on the wall of anatomical bodies to the right.  To the left, is a desk with a filing tray and next to it, a microscope, all also blurred out.  In the forefront is a young mediacl professional.  She has brown hair tied back off her face and is looking towards the camera and smiling.  She is wearing blue hospital scrubs and has a stehascope around her nexk.  She is sat down so we cannot see below her waiste level and she has her arms crossed across her body.

One size doesn’t fit all

We are all for therapy – in fact we encourage it – but we also understand that it can take a long time to get an appointment and even when you do, you need help in between. Chronic physical health conditions aren’t linear and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we use five evidence-based approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness. Find out more…

About Smile

ORCHA Approved

ORCHA assess listed health apps and digital health products to ensure they meet relevant clinical, data, privacy, accessibility and usability standards.  Smile App has been approved by ORCHA and is available in their library for health and care professionals to recommend to their patients and service providers.

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