Our goal at Smile is to help as many people as possible live well alongside a difficult health diagnosis. We believe this is a team effort. So as well as running practical workshops for people managing chronic health conditions, we also train medical professionals and managers to understand how to support the people they work with.

Our introductory courses are 1 hour but we can also deliver more in depth courses, develop bespoke content or run sessions based on any of our Smile therapy areas.

In The Workplace

Understand how chronic health conditions affect mental health

Learn strategies to start conversations and support your staff

Know your rights and responsibilities as an employer

Explore reasonable adjustments 

Support Groups

Understand how chronic health conditions affect your mental health

Recognise the challenges and barriers traditional support can present

Learn practical exercises and coping strategies

Build your mental health toolkit 

Health Professionals

Understand how chronic health conditions affect mental health

Look at how mental health problems can exacerbate poor physical health

Explore why traditional mental health pathways can be a poor fit

Learn how to support patients and carers

Workshop Testimonials

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