Here you will find a library of useful articles and resources to help you further understand and navigate your long term health condition and the impact it may have on your mental wellbeing.

You can also explore our Blogs where you will find real lived experiences shared by some of the people within our wider community.

Diabetes and Your Mental Health

In this article we consider the impact of diabetes on you and those around you and how to find help.

The Effect of Eczema on Mental Health

Eczema can have impacts on our mental health for several reasons, this article explores those further.

Cancer and Mental Health

An article discussing some of the key impacts of living with cancer and links with your mental wellbeing.

Asthma and Mental Health

In this article we consider how asthma can impact all aspects of our lives, including our mental wellbeing.

Allergies and Mental Health

This article looks at how allergies can be difficult to manage, and how this can then cause mental health challenges.

The Impact Chronic Pain Has on Your Mental Health

There are many chronic pain conditions that may be affecting your daily lives. This article looks at how your mental health might be impacted by your condition.

How Endometriosis Affects Your Mental Health

Our article explores how endometriosis can present mental challenges and how to access support if you need it.

Some other organisations that provide further support around mental health and wellbeing can be found here:

International Crisis Helplines

Free, confidential support from a helpline near you

Green background with white writing.  Logo for Samaritans charity


Call 116 123 and speak to someone 24 hours a day if you are struggling to cope or having suicidal thoughts

Blue  logo for mental health charity Mind


Mental health charity providing support and advice

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